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The glimpse into the future – With Polaris you know today what is going to happen tomorrow

Design efficient Business Processes in Real-Time

With the networking of all machines, products, people, and systems involved in the production process, production can be designed to be increasingly intelligent, flexible, efficient, and sustainable. Innovation cycles are becoming shorter just as the customization of products is increasing. By enhancing the flexibility of the products, the diversity of the variants and thus, the product diversity increases considerably. A change to which manufacturers now have to adapt themselves.

This is why a predictive view of business processes is gaining in importance. Our solutions support you in the process by reacting faster to changed requirements and improving your operational processes simultaneously.

We enhance your competitive capability and make you fit for Industry 4.0

With Polaris for modeling, simulation, and optimization of enterprise resource models, you can define business development scenarios of the future and analyze and improve their impact on resources and efficiency. In doing so, you can make forecasts. As soon as data is available, the model is validated or changed. Changes are identified immediately and incorporated into the analysis. As a result, we can deliver constantly decisive forecasts.


Getting rid of bottlenecks and delayed deliveries in the business process

Detect bottlenecks early in time and become active immediately.


  • Model and analyze end to end material flow
  • Size critical resources needs based on long term capacity planning
  • Reduce Lead-Time with production sequences optimization (advanced planning)
  • Raise Supply chain and logistics to operational excellence

Design customer value flow

Identify waste in your business processes and design efficient production.


  • Democratize LEAN approaches
  • Digitalize Value Stream Mapping
  • Interactive simulation of business processes
  • Balance inventory and set-up costs with KANBAN principles

Implement Operational Intelligence to enforce smooth production flow

Operational intelligence offers a real value addition for the optimization of internal corporate processes. Decisions are no longer based on human interpretations and assessments, but on accurate, automated calculations that are made in real time.


  • Leverage Internet of Things (IoT)

Maximum resource utilization

Enhance the efficiency of your production by predictive deployment of resources.


  • Reduce non added value time for stations, people
  • Remove white spaces with automated line balancing
  • Maximize production rate with limited resources
  • Implement intelligent task allocation to workers


Anticipate instead of reacting with Predictive ERP. Start right away!

Management of Business Transformations

Use your opportunities from the digital change and adapt your business models consistently.


  • Create new business models and validate investments
  • Minimize risks through simulation of future scenarios
  • Reinforce anticipation instead of reaction
  • Enable and monitor success of cultural change

Structure complex projects efficiently

Mastering complex technologies is the core challenge in order to be able to sustain competition.


  • Extract the core needs and build vision
  • Focus on bringing factual benefits
  • Apply and implement robust project structures
  • Secure handover to operational teams